Secure Quantum Connectivity

Our mission is to provide equipment for the current, and future European quantum internet. Today we build devices for quantum secure networking. Tomorrow we will enable general purpose quantum connectivity. Want to join us in building quantum networks? Contact us!

Our technology

Our unique Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology offers the following advantages:

Multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity: Any new user connected is automatically able to connect to all the other users.

Cost-effective scaling: The user devices are small, cost-effective, and don’t require cooling.

Improved security: Confidential key information is only present at the user devices.

Future proof: Our technology and networks are designed to be upgradable with the most advanced quantum network technology.

Field Tested: Our technology has been successfully deployed in multiple field environments with industry partners.


September 2022

The Port of Rotterdam stakeholders will be able to participate and benefit from an untappable, multi-user quantum network for their critical communication systems. Q*Bird will be supplying the quantum technology for this network in a cost-effective, scalable manner.

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July 2022

Q*Bird partnered with Eurofiber and Juniper to install our devices in operational data centers in the Netherlands. The testbed allows our partners to explore quantum secure communications, and is open for new partners to join and co-explore quantum technology’s possibilities.

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Remon Berrevoets, MSc

With his passion for quantum mechanics and experience in quantum optics, Remon guides the development of new technology in Q*Bird and manages the operations.

Ingrid Romijn, PhD

Using her 15+ years of experience on the intersection between scientific and applied research, Ingrid develops the business strategy of Q*Bird to implement our new technology into society.

Joshua Slater, PhD

Josh uses his 10+ years of experience in quantum communications as leading scientist in various academic environments to drive the development of Q*Birds devices.


We are currently hiring for a new quantum optics engineer to strengthen our team!

Our partners

Building quantum networks is no small task, so we are always looking for users and industry partners to collaborate with and explore applications. Interested to join our growing group of partners? Contact us!