About us

Meet the mission-driven team of Q*Bird.

About Q*Bird

Q*Bird is start-up in the Delft Quantum Ecosystem, and provides technology for quantum secure networking, upgradable to future connectivity. The team has operated inside QuTech for 3 years as an engineering group, and within that time has designed and built next generation QKD prototype systems that have been tested in relevant field environments with industrial players.

Q*Bird builds on years of experience by the technical team in delivering next-generation quantum prototype systems and delivering on projects for industrial and commercial partners, all tested in relevant field environments.

We achieve our mission with our team consisting of scientists, engineers and business developers

Remon Berrevoets, MSc

With his passion for quantum mechanics and experience in quantum optics, Remon guides the development of new technology in Q*Bird and manages the operations.

Ingrid Romijn, PhD

Using her 15+ years of experience on the intersection between scientific and applied research, Ingrid develops the business strategy of Q*Bird to implement our new technology into society.

Joshua Slater, PhD

Josh uses his 10+ years of experience in quantum communications as leading scientist in various academic environments to drive the development of Q*Bird’s devices.

Joël Abrahams, MSc

Software Engineer

Ahmed Elsalahy, MSc

Embedded Software Engineer

Alain Repingon, MSc

Optics Engineer

Reinier Bodemeijer

Digital Design Engineer

Tristan Morgan

Digital Design Engineer

Raphaël Picard, PhD

Optics Engineer

Dani van der Meer

Software Engineer

Junior Gonzales Ureta, PhD

Quantum Network Theorist

Marnix Crouzen

Embedded Software Engineer

Pieter Staal

Embedded Software Engineer

Laura Pîrcălăboiu

Embedded Software Engineer


Join our growing team of highly motivated engineers in the dynamic field of cutting-edge quantum technology.

Our partners

Building quantum networks is no small task, so we are always looking for users and industry partners to collaborate with and explore applications. Interested to join our growing group of partners? Contact us!