Untappable EU internet further developed for industrial use

A consortium of quantum technology companies led by Q*Bird and Single Quantum will develop next-generation industrial quantum cryptography devices. The devices must be ready for certification and deployment in European telecom and enterprise infrastructures. The 5 M€ EU-funded project, called “MDI-QUEEN”, enables a transition to a quantum-safe communication infrastructure and strengthens the European ecosystem with […]

Full-time jobs and Internship positions available at Q*Bird

New positions open at Q*Bird! We are excited to announce that Q*Bird has open full-time positions and also internship positions for a wide variety of disciplines. Are you a student in quantum optics, network software engineering, digital design or embedded software, or quantum information theory, and looking for an exciting position in building quantum network […]

Untappable Internet at Dutch harbor with quantum technology

Untappable internet for Port of Rotterdam offered by quantum technology The Port of Rotterdam stakeholders will be able to participate and benefit from an untappable, multi-user quantum network for their critical communication systems. Several countries already experiment with quantum communication, but QuTech’s spin-off Q*Bird is the first to deploy a new type secure quantum network […]