Software Engineer (Multiple Positions)

 Job Description

We are looking for multiple new team members for our quantum networking device software engineering team. You will focus on new aspects of our research and development projects.  You’ll be one of the core software engineers, with full responsibility for owning problems and independently devising solutions for your own system components, for owning problems and for independently devising solutions. To us, that means you’ll be designing, implementing, building, testing, and documenting your work, while keeping alignment with the other engineers on the team.

You’ll be a hands-on coder; a developer with full responsibility for both extending existing sub-systems and for building whole new sub-systems. We’ll give you full ownership of key software aspects of our quantum network device software. Tasks will be broad, and you’ll need to be comfortable determining system requirements. You’ll be working independently without a narrow focus and tackling different types of problems. You’ll be developing services in a service-oriented architecture, both between and within, a distributed system of network devices. You’ll be defining new communication protocols between quantum network devices, securing those protocols with cryptography, working on API design, interfacing with existing communication/routing infrastructure, and working with prototype systems. You’ll probably need to learn new skills and langauges (e.g. Rust).  You’ll work most closely with the other software engineers, and interact with the hardware team when needed.  Alongside this, ideally, you’re interested to take over responsibilities in DevOps, or take the role of our lead tester, or some front-end work (at most one of those, part-time.  At the core, you’re a developer).

You are passionate about advancing quantum and networking technologies and want to contribute to new ground-breaking tech. Familiarity with quantum is not required (we’ll teach you that). You can work independently, are a pro-active, hands-on person, and you can easily adapt to rapidly changing priorities. You need to be self-sufficient, work without relying on a big team and be comfortable with start-up environment. Above all, you’re a team player, and excited to work in a mixed team of hardware engineers, software engineers, and scientists.

Your Profile

You are someone with,

  • A master’s degree in computer science, engineering, or a comparable discipline.
  • A strong desire to develop one’s own code and unit tests.
  • You are a hands-on coder eager to deliver quality code.
  • Demonstrated skills in the entire product development cycle, most importantly: requirements gathering and tracking, architecture, detailed design, implementation, code review, integration and system testing, version control, requirements and defect tracking, and hardware integration.
    • Ideally 3+ years
    • Ideally at a commercial vendor of communications and/or security equipment
    • Ideally in the domains of networking products and/or secure communications and/or systems high security requirements
  • Experience in network protocol design and programming, such as application-level network protocol development and programming (OSI layers 7)
  • A willingness to contribute to software designs and architectures of your components, as well as then implementing them yourself.
  • Some open positions will require an interest to spend part of your time in one of the following role:
    • DevOps, including implementing and monitoring our CI/CD.
    • Lead Tester, including stress, performance, functional, and scalability testing.
    • Front End development, including web services.
  • Experience in Python or Rust (ideally 3+ years),
  • Experience in agile working methods
  • Experience in software programming and development, including experience with best practices such as version control (git), documentation, test-driven development, code-reviews, etc.
  • While not necessary, it is beneficial to have experience integrating with embedded systems, and an affinity for math and physics.
  • Eligible to work in the EU.

We expect that the successful applicant will not satisfy all the above points, but has expertise in key areas and significant knowledge in most areas.

Who is Q*Bird?

Q*Bird is developing the hardware and software to enable quantum connectivity.  We invent, design, build, test, and produce systems for the next generation of secure communication: the quantum Internet. Our mission is to build quantum networking systems, support network building and work with industry and academia to accelerate the quantum Internet. Our devices combine developments on many fronts, from optical systems, high-end hardware platforms, robust embedded software, and new networking protocols. As such, our team is composed of experts with many different backgrounds in physics, engineering, software development, academic research, and real industry experience. We’re motivated to solve hard problems and bring quantum to reality. And we’re proud to be working on projects that matter and bring value to our commercial, industry and government partners. Our dreams are ambitious.  And our growing team desires talented, curious, motivated teammates to help make quantum networking systems real.

We are a start-up located in Delft, the Netherlands, in the Quantum Delft ecosystem, with close partnerships with QuTech, Quantum Delta Netherlands and other quantum companies.

What Q*Bird offers

  • Starting Date: Flexible
  • Full-Time Employment
  • Monthly remuneration with competitive salaries
  • Flexible working hours
  • 32 days annual leave and holiday allowance
  • Travel and personal care and growth allowance
  • Participation Plan
  • Company-sponsored social events
  • A young, energetic, fun, team of highly skilled physicists, engineers, and industry expects, with an open working culture
  • An international team that places a value on equality and diversity, no matter the race, religion, background, gender, or any of the differences that give each of us that unique perspective to strengthen the team
  • Plenty of room for new initiatives and new ideas, and a chance to develop yourself at the cutting-edge of technology.
  • Opportunity to be part of the quantum revolution in a quantum start-up, and to build the next generation of digital infrastructure. Join us to create the Quantum Future!

How to apply?

To apply for the position or to learn more about the position, contact us at