Our partners

Building quantum networks is no small task, so we are always looking for users and industry partners to collaborate with and explore applications.


Operating at the forefront of quantum technology, we retain strong ties with QuTech and the TU Delft University.

Q*Bird is part of the Quantum Delft and Quantum Delta NL ecosystem and embedded in the National Quantum Network program of Quantum Delta NL

We are deploying various technologies with a variety of commercial partners (Financials, Telcoms, Data centers), including QKD prototype systems deployed in testbeds around the Netherlands such as Eurofiber’s Utrecht area network. This testbed is open for new partners to join and co-explore the possibilities of quantum secured communications.

Next-Gen systems will be launched in the Port of Rotterdam. Partners of the Port of Rotterdam will be able to participate in this multi-user quantum network and test securing their critical communication systems with quantum

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