Our technology

Quantum Cryptography uses the fundamental laws of nature to secure communication. Our unique Quantum Key Distribution technology offers advantages in security, scalability and for the future of quantum.

Quantum communication

Modern life relies heavily on the ability to securely communicate information around the global Internet. Quantum communication offers a new paradigm in communication.

It is widely recognized that quantum communication, due to its unique and disruptive nature, has the potential to revolutionize Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and become an essential enabler technology for the future digital economy and society.

We have developed a product that provides this security, and scales to many users in large networks. In the future, it will also connect quantum processors and enable a quantum internet

Our Quantum Key Distribution

Our unique Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology offers the following advantages:

Multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity: Any new user connected is automatically able to connect to all the other users.

Cost-effective scaling: The user devices are small, cost-effective, and don’t require cooling.

Improved security: Confidential key information is only present at the user devices.

Future proof: Our technology and networks are designed to be upgradable with the most advanced quantum network technology.

Field Tested: Our technology has been successfully deployed in multiple field environments with industry partners.

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